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ENCOURAGING SUSTAINABILITY, HEALTH SPECIFIC KANGEN WATER USES: skin condition remedies: CONDITION – ACNE:  1. Rinse with pH 11.5 Strong Alkaline Water to remove excess oils from the skin. 2. Cleanse with non-soap cleanser and pH 4-6 Mild Acidic Water. 3. With a cotton swab dab pH 2.5 Strong Acidic Water on any active blemishes or broken […]

How I minimized my closet

Living in a country that has mainly just one season, (hot) it is kind of easy to have a small wardrobe. But still, when I got to Thailand 2 and a half years ago, soon my 23 kg belongings and clothes, from arriving here, started to build up. Market trips, cheap shops and big chain […]

Easy Energy Balls

One of my favourite snacks to make is, for sure, some yummy energy balls. They are so easy to make, and you can basically add whatever you want (or have in your fridge) in them. They also last quite long and you can store them in the fridge. They are super handy to throw in […]

Minimalistic Living

Learning to live a more minimalist lifestyle, didn’t start off that easy for me. I always liked stuff. Little things on my dresser, decorations and clothes. Lots of clothes, shoes, handbags and products.  I am also very sentimental, so every card, every note, every book, every gift, and bag I would keep and store away. […]