My Health journey

I am Nikola. I am passionate about abundant living, gratefulness, manifesting what I want in life and always adding value wherever I go.  

My health and healing journey started in 2017, when I decided to change up my lifestyle and started listening to my body and the signs it was giving me.

I lost 17kg from June until December 2017.

I went from eating, drinking and smoking way too much, to transforming my life as it is now. Living a whole food plant based lifestyle, without restriction and deprivation.

This was a process, and I started it on a high animal-protein keto diet, and after about 6 weeks transitioned to a whole food plant-based diet, which totally changed my life. 

Starting to heal my body with good nutritious food, was when I started to thrive.

Eating with mindfulness, compassion and intention has been transformative for me.

Beginning to shed weight was only the physical part of living lighter, the emotional and mental healing that goes along with this was so powerful and makes for a lot lighter living.

I started to live my true authentic self, and heal and balance all areas of my life.

My transformation was so much more than physical weight-loss, but the true healing happens when we start to live in alignment with who we are meant to be.

My education

I studied law and politics at University. After completion, I worked for an NGO in Parliament in Cape Town, before deciding to venture to the East to teach and travel.

I lived in South Korea and Thailand for 6 and a half years, and immersed myself in the culture, traveled and experienced all the wonderful things living abroad has to offer. At the end of 2018, I moved back to Cape Town, South Africa.

In 2019, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest online nutrition school, and here I learnt innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over 100 dietary theories and immeasurable knowledge from a diverse group of lecturers.

Some of these top health and wellness experts are:

  • Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd,, founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Walter Willett, MD, DrPH, chair of nutrition at Harvard University
  • Andrew Weil, MD, director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Gabrielle Bernstein, bestselling author and life coach
  • Susan Blum, MD, MPH, assistant clinical professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Mark Hyman, MD, founder of The UltraWellness Center
  • Geneen Roth, bestselling author and expert on emotional eating
  • David Wolfe, raw food leader and nutrition expert
  • Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, professor at New York University’s Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health
  • Mark Bittman, food writer for The New York Times and bestselling author
  • Joel Fuhrman, MD, family physician and leading expert on nutritional healing
  • Deepak Chopra, MD leader in the field of mind-body medicine
  • David Katz, MD, MPH, director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center

My studies have equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching and lifestyle management.

Using this incredible knowledge, but also drawing from my own experience and journey, I work with my clients to help make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce lasting results, that line up with what each client wants.

The main goal of coaching is to form a deeper understanding of food, and how it affects us, and what lifestyle choices work for us, how we can improve our energy and how we can find balance and live healthy and happy lives.

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