Well, hello!

It has been a while since I have written a post on here.

I have been a very busy bee these past few months. Trying new things, exploring new ventures, starting a new business as well and continuing to coach clients. It has been a year of growth, expansion, so much learning and experiencing so many new and wonderful things. I spoke at a few beautiful events this year, facing my fears of speaking in public and really enjoying impacting women on this level. I started running my own online business promoting health, wealth and abundance with Kelly. We have grown so much and are passionate about sharing the best water in the world with people while empowering them to live their best, abundant lives! If you want to check out what we do have a look here.

I have been so blessed with amazing one on one health coaching clients over the last year. It truly makes my heart so happy to see them grow, discover themselves, reach goals and step into their power. It is such an honour to be working with each one of them and really it has taught me so much.

I am ready to take on a few more clients this year. Guiding and supporting you to reach your health and wellness goals, through holistic methods, looking at not only the food you eat but that what feeds us off the plate as well. Our relationships, our physical activity, our stress, our mindset. It is my passion to guide and facilitate women to establish what works for them and help them reach their personal goals. If you are interested in an initial health history consultation, please send me a message here . Nothing changes, if nothing changes! I would love to help you start making small steps daily to improve your health and happiness.

This year has started with a bang and I am ready to welcome in so much abundance, light and happiness this year. I am also in this beautiful space where I have been working on something incredible with Nadia Krige, a little Cape Town Collaboration! We will be hosting our first little morning get together on February 1st! A morning of yoga by Nadia, a health and inspiration talk by me, some Kangen water to try and some delicious vegan muffins and banana bread. A space to connect, set intentions, move and hydrate! We will be hosting this beautiful event in the Green Point Urban Park, and would love to have you there!

Interested in joining us for the morning? Get your ticket here!

2020 is going to be an amazing year, with growth on so many levels. I look forward to connecting with more of you, growing, adding more value and ultimately enjoying this beautiful life we have!

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