I have been back in South Africa for just over 3 months now! I can hardly believe it! What an adventure it has been so far! I am writing this from our new little home in Hout Bay, South Africa! We are surrounded by mountains and the ocean, wake up with frogs, crickets and birds and watch as the mountain change colour at night. I am truly lucky.

It has been a whirlwind and not always an easy journey.

Moving back seemed almost harder than moving away to South Korea 6 years ago. It has been a challenge adapting, settling and getting used to how everything works back in Cape Town. It is almost like you know how to ride the bike, but somehow forget how to peddle. Very frustrating at times. Roads I used to zip through, I need to Google map, learning to drive again everyday after not driving for 6 years in Cape Town traffic and Constantia Nek windy roads has been more daunting than you can imagine. But, the one crucial difference is that I have an amazing support system here. Having family close by has been so incredible. Spending time with loved ones, popping over for lunch or tea has been such a privilege! Going on hikes, celebrating birthdays with my mom and dad and being literally a windy road away, is so amazing and something that I don’t take for granted.

All the admin of starting up in a new country seemed extra hard here in Cape Town. Add in load shedding (for non South Africans, this means we don’t have electricity for sometimes hours on end, almost every day and it changes all the time), having to organize my own medical aid, insurance and all the things that have been done for me these past 6 years, it has been a real learning curve. But, I have survived living in South Korea and Thailand, which had its own string of challenges and frustrations, so bring it on South Africa, we are not going to give up 😉

Regarding Living a Lighter Life; it has been a few months of learning as we go, trial and error, and trying not to loose sight of what the bigger picture is and never give up. Slowly, but surly, we are building something to be proud of.

Starting one’s own business is never easy, but what I have learnt so far is to never loose sight of your end goal, never stop believing in what you are doing and on dark days when nothing seems to work, I try and remember my “why”. The reason we packed up a stable, comfortable life in Thailand to move back to South Africa and start over. The “why” I want to help people, bake and support people! Focusing on this is the only way to move forward and stay on track and not get (too) overwhelmed.

Change is never easy, and being out of one’s comfort zone is a daily challenge! But hey, that is when growth happens, that is when the stars align and our wildest dreams become reality! One day at a time!

This livingalighterlife.blog site has been such a wonderful starting point for me. I dipped my toes in writing blogs and putting my words out there. It has been such an incredible feeling and accomplishment for me. With the direction that Living a Lighter Life is going, I have decided to update my site, give it a beautiful little make-over and have a bunch of interesting things lined up for the year! We also have amazing new branding that I can’t wait to share!

The new website will be announced soon, and I am excited to continue to share my journey, life and new ventures!

Here is to doing more brave things every day and always remembering to add value where you go!

Talk soon,

Nikola x