Hi, I am Nikola Botha

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Welcome to Living a Lighter Life!  A space where I hope you can feel inspired, learn something new, feel valued and encourage you to be whatever you wish to be!

I am passionate about living a life of abundance! Abundance in all areas of my life… my health, wealth and happiness!

It is my passion to create my own dream life and live the life I have always imagined!

My approach

In our current society,  there is still a lot of focus placed on diets, restrictions, food lists and calories.

My goal is to encourage you to work on basic improvements, focus on real, whole food and through small changes and eating in abundance to reach your own personal goals. We will work together to create healthy and long-lasting habits.

Eating habits that spill over into other areas, and help balance all areas of our lives. Moving away from deprivation and restriction and towards guilt-free, nourishing eating in abundance.

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